Eagles Safety Considine Accidentally Plays with Starters

A play unfolds several yards downfield as Considine tackles air

A play unfolds several yards downfield as Considine tackles air

Philadelphia Eagles special teams stalwart Sean Considine shocked the crowd at M & T Bank Stadium when he was on the field during a crucial goal line stand.

Considine was just as surprised as the fans, saying “When Coach Johnson told me to get in there, I thought we were down by way more than three points.”

Sean performed as expected and allowed Raven’s rookie Joe Flacco to throw a touchdown to Daniel Wilcox when he kind of fell on the ground.

When asked about losing his balance in the most futile displays of defense, Considine replied, “I just went out there and did my job.  Coach Reid keeps me on this roster to go out there and allow the big play and I did just that.  There is no way I’d start on another NFL team and I am thankful to be here.”

The Eagles front office is also sending tape of Considine’s later hit to the head of Flacco that went unpenalized to Commissioner Goodell.

Jim Johnson had this to say: “We just want to make sure that we as an organization are doing our part to stay in the basement of the NFC East.”


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