Reid Reveals Two-Headed Quarterback Strategy, Calls It Wilder Cats

McNabb mentors Kolb, suggesting he never learn 2 minute offense

McNabb mentors Kolb, suggests he never learn 2 minute offense

Coach Reid quelled any doubt as to who would start against the Cardinals on Thursday when he announced that Donovan McNabb would resume his role as starter.  He then insisted that Kevin Kolb would also be on the field for every offensive snap. 

When questioned whether this was legal / a good idea, Reid said, “I just have to do a better job of putting my guys in a position to succeed, often the positions I put them in are unnatural to their traditional roles and make it much easier to stop our one dimensional offense.”

When informed of Reid’s decision, McNabb clapped ( it was uncertain whether he was being supportive or sarcastic) and said, “Coach knows best, that’s why I’m not the coach.  I just hope to play a few downs at center.”

Reid said he wasn’t exactly sure how he would rotate the two but insisted neither would play fullback.  That role was awarded to tight end LJ Smith.

Reid also hinted that Mcnabb and Kolb may play with one standing on the other’s shoulders, wearing a #45 jersey that reads “McKolb” 


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