Joe Banner says “How Hard Can It Be To Get This Offense Going?”

LJ demonstrates his blocking technique

LJ demonstrates his blocking technique

In yet another cost saving move by the Eagles front office, the self proclaimed “gold standard”, Joe Banner, will take over as the offensive coordinator this week.  Marty Mornigwheg will coach the special teams.  In an interesting twist,  Rory Segrist , the Eagles’ Special Teams coach, was asked to take an unpaid leave given the current financial crisis that the Eagles’ are enduring this year.  It should be noted that the Eagles are only 10 million under the cap this year versus 16 million last year. Given how the organization operates, John Harbaugh, Segrist’s former boss, was asked by Eagles brass to notify Segrist that he would be on an unpaid leave this week.

Banner sees this as an opportunity to get out of the luxury box and to mingle with the common folk.  Unfortunately, just as Mornigwheg before him, Coach Reid will maintain his play-calling duties leaving Banner, like many other Eagles, unsure of what his role will be.  Banner applauded Andy Reid for his skill in talent evaluation by stating, “we have signed and started more undrafted free agents than any team in the NFL during Coach Reid’s tenure.”  In fact, Coach Reid appears to have more luck with undrafted free agents than in the first or second round of the draft.  As a result, the Eagles are said to be seriously considering trading all of their draft picks in this year’s draft for future picks.  It’s sort of like what the Saints did to get Ricky Williams, only the complete opposite.  When asked about this, Tom Heckert so eloquently stated, “Why would we change our strategy.  First round picks are expensive and we feel that we can get first round talent in the second round at a second round salary.”  Banner and Heckert then shared a hi-five.

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