Reid Has Swoop Ask McNabb To Shut Door, Draft Was Getting In

Swoop is allegedly the Eagles' mascot

Swoop is allegedly the Eagles' mascot

While studying film of the Arizona Cardinal defense earlier this afternoon, Andy Reid was chilled to the bone and noticed that the door to his office was open.  Reid then spotted 10 year veteran Donovan McNabb standing outside studying his playbook. 

Unable to any longer communicate directly with McNabb , Reid began to slam his foot to attract his attention.  When it became clear that this wasn’t working, Reid began to try to make that whistle noise with a blade of grass.  Reid quickly realized he had never mastered the art and began looking through his Rolodex to find someone who would approach McNabb for him.  After reaching several voice-mails, Reid eventually contacted mascot Swoop who arrived and performed a lame jig while flapping his wings towards the door. 

McNabb eventually closed the door on his own accord, never quite figuring out what Swoop was trying to tell him or who Swoop was. 


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