How did I get a foul called on me during a timeout?

How did I get a foul called on me during halftime?

Last night, the Sixers went from frustratingly mediocre to embarrassing in an 89-74 loss in Oklahoma City.  Shooting 40% from the field and 60% from the free throw line is how you play basketball when you want to lose to the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Superstar Andre Iguodala shot below 33% and Mr. Useful Sammy Dalembert poured in 0 points.

It was nice to read that instead of attempting to develop any post moves, Dalembert actually likes to shoot threes! Dalembert might as well begin blocking his teammates’ shots and see if he’ll be awarded negative points in the box score.

Did I mention the Thunder were playing without Kevin Durant?  DiLeo’s Sixers had no answer for Russian bloc country Nenad Krstic (who scored 20) and the corpse of Malik Rose, who I swore was either on Comcast or TNT at this point.

But there’s always a silver lining.  While reading ESPN’s Game Notes, I stumbled upon this good news:


Jim Caviezel, Hollywood’s next big thing in the late ’90s went on to star in the controversial Passion of the Christ and be the most remarkable thing about a night that was an insult to the sport of basketball.


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