2009 NBA Draft: What Were They Thinking?

The "Kandi" Man can?

The "Kandi" Man can?


How does potential smell?

How does potential smell?





The NBA Draft has officially spiralled out of control.  While it’s true that after a certain point in each draft it is a crapshoot.  However, some GM’s turn it into a self-fulfilled prophecy with guys like Rodrigue Beaubois and Christian Eyenga being taken in the first round.  With many teams selling their picks or just picking any Euro trash player they can when they can’t sell their picks, the NBA Draft is officially pathetic.  How bad has it gotten?  There will be more serviceable NBA players from the first 10 picks in the 2nd round, than from picks 10-20 in the 1st round.   I just want to send a big “thank you” to all of the AAU coaches out there who have single handedly destroyed the NBA in the past 10 years. 

Here is a list of GM’s in the NBA who really make you scratch you’re head and ask “What Were They Thinking?”:

1) Chris Wallace – Memphis: After the Pau Gasol debacle, how does this guy still have a job?  They have some above average young talent, but if i were a Grizz fan i sure would want a better player at #2 than the Tanzanian Dalembert.  Really, what is Thabeet’s upside?  He plays 20 minutes a game, gets a couple of blocks, a rebound or two (he’s a terrible rebounder), and scores 6-8 points per game on Alley-oops and putbacks.  Sound enticing, Memphis?  I bet a twin towers scenario of Thabeet and the other Gasol gets your motors running though.  It seems like Memphis may be a little too late to the “Hack a Shaq” party.  You may have the worst GM in the NBA, but the following guys are gunning for  Chris Wallace.

2) David Kahn- T’Wolves:  Although he comes from a good pedigree and he did finally oust Kevin McHale, he is stockpiling point guards like the Detroit Lions have stockpiled wide receivers in the past.  We all know how that has worked out, right?  It’s always a good idea to take an 18-year old kid from Spain who has no intention of ever even coming to Minnesota (as seen by him skipping his introductory press conference) and, oh by the way, has 2 years left on his European contract.  Can they ask for a “takeback” on their trade with the Wizards and get Foye and Miller back? They officially have no shooters on their roster now.  The Minnesota Timberwolves are like a Doublemint commercial.  First, they would show Jefferson and Love, who both play the same position and then they could pan to Rubio and Flynn riding a tandem bike.  It would be perfect. 

3) Bryan Colangelo – Toronto:  Oh, where to start here.  He is still hanging his hat on hitting the jackpot with signing Steve Nash in free agency and getting a career year out of Boris Diaw after trading away Joe Johnson in Phoenix.  If you have a franchise player who is all but packed his bags after this year, i would certainly want to do more than to draft a 19-year old who was just okay last year at USC.  He’s got potential, right?  And i thought they would go for another European this year. 

4) Ed Stefanski- Sixers: It’s too easy to pick on your hometown GM when ESPN reports two days prior to the draft, you are shopping last year’s big signing who still happens to have $65 million left on his balky contract.  And, you thought it was tough to find a taker for Dalembert?  The Sixers are still without a point guard who can step in and play this year and they still have nothing resembling an NBA 2-guard.  By the way, i am tired of hearing that the Sixers draft well.  Outside of Iguodala who fell in their laps thanks to the ineptitude of Toronto’s previous regime (not you, Bryan Colangelo), who have they really drafted that is a good NBA player.  Thaddeus Young?  He was exposed in the playoffs.  Kyle Korver?  He’s a good guy with a nice shot but not athletic enough to cover anybody or create his own shot.  Lou Williams?  I despise him because he is so inconsistent, which is another hallmark of today’s NBA.  Willie Green?  Ugh.  Jason Smith?  Please.  Case closed.

5) Danny Ferry – Cleveland:  So you’ve just put all your chips in, you’ve traded for Shaq, and with your first round pick, you take……….Christian Eyenga from the Congo.  No, Danny who are you really taking?  Well, i’m sure Dejuan Blair would have just been a terrible fit.  Who needs a great rebounder, who provides a huge physical presence in the post?  Oh, that’ right, the Cleveland Cavaliers do.  Sorry Cleveland, when Lebron leaves you can just look at your GM and point the finger.

Ladies and gentlemen, the NBA in 2009 is “Inconsistently but Potentially Fantastic.”


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