NFL Predictions: NFC West



NFC West: More Like NFC Lesst (How are all four of these teams in a professional sport?)

1. Seattle Seahawks – Really?  You try doing this, it’s painful.  Hasselbeck maybe won’t get hurt and they got Houshmandzadeh so that’s progress.  Really, this division comes down to who sucks the least and theoretically that could be Seattle.  This could easily be any of these teams.  Jim Mora is also coaching them so if things turn south, expect Mora to flee to coach Bowling Green but openly deny it for months.

This particular mosquito is actually younger than Warner

2. Arizona Cardinals – Super Bowl Schmangover……they might not be very good.  Warner is like mosquito-in-amber old.  Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower may finally equal one real running back, maybe.  They’re going to give up a lot of points.  Matt Leinart may have to actually play football, which would interrupt him skype-ing intoESPN shows to talk about how much he loves USC.

3. St. Louis Rams – Spags will have them playing better D but Marc Bulger is one concussion away from not being able to complete sentences.  At least Kyle Boller is their backup, foolproof plan there. Stephen Jackson may lose a limb (limbs include dreadlocks for Jackson) with the workload they’ll expect him to carry.

4. San Francisco 49ers – Michael Crabtree is less likable than Jay Cutler and that’s saying a lot.  During Week 3 at Minnesota, Coach Singletary will lose his mind and suit up after cutting Patrick Willis (the best player on the team) when Vernon Davis misses several blocks.

Singletary moments after leaning how much money Alex Smith is making

Singletary moments after leaning how much money Alex Smith is making


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