Eagles Release Westbrook


The Eagles have shown a decisive lack of sentimentality when making football decisions so the news of Brian Westbrook’s release comes as no surprise.

Westbrook’s numerous concussions and sharp decline on the field were telltale signs that Westbrook’s career was nearing its end.

This has a different resonance than the Dawkins situation did last year, Westbrook was sadly becoming a liability on the field and you feared for his well being every time he was on the field.

The fact that this occurred a day after the Chargers releasing LT hammers home the very small window NFL running backs have.

The only silver lining is they could bring back Reno!  I’m sure he could take time off from his busy real estate career to carry the ball 10 times in the upcoming season.

Eagles gave Westbrook the Old Yeller treatment, this is a good opportunity to teach your children about death.


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