Canada’s Angels


  Move over, Rae Dawn Chong and Cory Haim.  Please take a step back Howie Mandel and Rick Moranis.  Canada’s femme fatales have stolen the spotlight of these 2010 Olympic games.  While curling was the talk of the games, particularly the skip of the Canadian Women’s Curling team, Cheryl Bernard (“the Curlgar”), it has been another Canadian team that has since stolen the spotlight.  

Is that a Coors Light in her hand? I guess Canada has annexed Colorado.

The ladies on ice from Canada won a gold medal besting the best America could offer.  As i was sipping Lambrusco with Jason Priestly last night in Vancouver, you could see Canadian pride in his eyes.  Yes, folks, Canadians really love their women’s hockey.  Many Canadians, like Alan Thicke, were so embarrassed that the “other” Canadian hockey team lost to the Americans, that they have thrown their loyalty behind the New “Canada’s team.”  To repay the Canadian faithful who have come to cheer them more than socialized medicine and the Royal Mounted Police, the Canadians Women’s Hockey Team blew the doors off of the IOC establishment last night.  Members of the team smoked cigars, drank beer, and poured champagne in each other mouths.  This is starting to sound like a late-night USA flick, starring another of Canada’s daughters, Shannon Tweed.  It was a joy to watch as its not often you see sweaty women in full hockey gear, minus the helmet, smoking cigars and pouring champagne all over each other.  I speak for the men in Canada, and in this case the world, when i say: ” I salute thee, daughters of Canada.”


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