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Eagles Look to Bring Back McNabb

October 10, 2011

While there is no truth to this, Andy Reid would welcome the return of Philadelphia’s prodigal son.  For many years, Donovan deservedly, or so it appeared to many of us, took the blame for many of the Eagles offense’s insufficiencies.  I am not a McNabb apologist or even a McNabb fan. However, it has become extremely evident that the root cause of all of the offensive insufficiencies over the past 13 years can be traced back to one man. 

It’s so predictable to the national media that Philadelphians would be calling for Reid’s head today.  It seems “we” are the problem, which is extremely funny how all “we” do is support this team no matter how arrogant they are towards us.  What they fail to see is the decline in this team, regardless of what Reid’s career record is.  Per the great Jerry Glanville, the NFL stands for “Not For Long.”  13 years is far too long. 

Anyway,  I digress – the clock is now officially ticking on Andy Reid’s tenure here.  While it is widely known that in-game management – 2 minute offense, clock management, and halftime adjustments – has never been his strong point, his teams have always played hard and smart (for the most part).  Unfortunately, that is not the case this season.  In fact, the defense without Jim Johnson’s leadership has gotten worse every year.  In the past, Johnson’s defense was so good that it overcame many of the offense’s, and Reid’s, shortcomings.  This is his first 4 game losing streak since his first season in 1999.  It looks like we have come full circle.  There are many differences between this team and that one, particularly expectations .  Nobody blinked when they lost 4 in a row in 1999. This year’s version wasn’t supposed to even have 4 losses for the season, let alone in the first 5 games.  While we can all agree that it’s time for Andy to step aside, unless this run of futility continues the rest of the year, i’m not confident a change will be made.


Collapse of an Empire

October 7, 2011

The happiest guys in Philadelphia tonight. Be careful what you wish for boys.

Have you truly enjoyed the ride since 2007?

After a loss like tonight, you have 2 options – get rip-roaring drunk or reflect on what happened (the 3rd option is you do both – which is my vote).  We can all admit this to each other now, fellow Philadelphians – we weren’t too confident about tonight’s game.  The momentum had swung in Game 2, when the Cardinals came back from 4 down to humanize Cliff Lee (who, by the way, will most likely not take any of the blame for this series loss but should share in some of it) to the Philadelphia faithful. God love Cole Hamels, who did everything in his power to keep runs off the board in Game 3.  Can i take a minute to say that Cole doesn’t get enough love in this town.  Not only is he the only starter on this team with a ring, he was the fucking MVP of the only World Series the Phillies have won in the last 30+ years.  While he’s not your typical Philadelphia athlete, I’m okay that he is a big game pitcher who is completely underrated in his own town.  Roy Oswalt did everything to earn his $14 million dollar salary except hold up a 2-0 lead by letting up 5 earned runs in Game 4, which brings us to tonight. 

Roy Halladay was Awesome, plain and simple.  No way should he take a loss in a season ending game with the way he pitched tonight.  There’s a lot of blame to toss around, much of it well deserved. In the biggest game of the season, the lineup was a no show.  Why? 

The Phillies have gotten fat. Not as in overweight, but they’ve gotten content. Having won their division 5 years in a row, they appear to have lost that hunger. Every other team in the playoffs now has a stupid handshake, pose, dance, etc that is unique to them. I know its stupid but its a spark that i just don’t see on this team.  What the experience of the postseason has done to the Phillies has been to minimize their sense of urgency. They seem to believe that  they can win every game, which is a good thing. however, in the past few years they seem to run out of innings to win games.  the team has become arrogant.  Arrogance as we know can manifest itself in many ways.  The Phillies’ arrogance, unlike the Eagles, is something that can happen with true success. 

They have built a wonderful pitching staff, but that will only take you to 102 wins  and a 1st round playoff exit.  The core position players (Rollins, Utley, Howard) have all seemed to age simultaneously and not in a positive way.  They no longer are the players that we remember them being, even as recently as 2 years ago.  I don’t say this to be critical because i have enjoyed the ride.  It’s been wonderful and its reawoken Philadelphia as a baseball town.  However, this team as its currently constructed will not win a World Series.  the window has officially closed. Ruben is a smart enough baseball man to realize this as well and i have no doubt he will do everything in his power to try to fix this.  I am not envious of the position Ruben is in because it’s not just one fix that will put this team over the hump.